MINDFULNESS FOR AFFIRMING LIFE                                                                                                                       

Did you ever want to attend a retreat but were afraid to? So much sitting! How will I ever do that? I can’t sit still that long! This is a wonderful opportunity to experience what a partial day of mindfulness and meditation is all about. The purpose of this retreat is to start to develop a more concentrated mindfulness practice. It will consist of alternate sitting and walking meditation along with body scan, mindfulness, gratitude and eating meditation practices. There will be guided instructions to help you throughout the day. 

If you are a less seasoned practitioner, the only requirement is a willingness to be present and be with what comes up. There is nothing you need to know ahead of time.

This is also a wonderful opportunity for experienced practitioners to help find a dedicated time for a more intense practice.

TEACHERS:     Leslie Ellestad, Allan Donsky, Phil Blustein

LOCATION:      Shaganappi Community Association

                         2516 14 Ave SW       

PARKING         Street parking

DATE:               November 10, 2019

TIME:                845am – 430pm  (Please arrive at 830am)

WHAT TO BRING: Water bottle, tea mug, cushion to sit on a chair or a cushion to sit on the floor, lunch, yoga mat, pen and paper, in door shoes, shawl. Tea and water is provided.

COST:  $50. If this is a problem scholarships are available. Contact Allan Donsky allandonsky@me.com

Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/retreat-mindfulness-for-affirming-life-tickets-76578824325